The Tails of Brinkley the Berner: Giving of the Heart is a cleverly written story told from Brinkley’s (the dog) point of view. By giving the animals voice, it makes the book magical, yet sends a powerful touching message of love, generosity, and giving of the heart.

The illustrator has done a fabulous job capturing the animals’ facial expressions and personalities. Each page is full of color and an amazing collection of details to enjoy and discuss with the children (examples: dogs on bicycles, wearing helmets, tennis shoes, Brinkley’s beanie throughout the story, books for dogs, etc.)

The photograph of Brinkley and Luca at the beginning of the book adds a personal touch and ties you to the illustrated characters of the dogs in the story.

The theme throughout this story, “Giving of the Heart,” comes through this beautifully written book loud and clear and it is done with such loving thoughtfulness it truly touches the heart of the reader.”

– Shannon Kruckenberg, retired grade school teacher

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