About Berners

The roots of the Bernese Mountain dog (sometimes called a Berner) are traced to the countryside of Bern, Switzerland. They were originally used to pull carts containing milk cans and farm goods, herd livestock, and watch over the farm.

Berners are tri-colored—black, rust, and white. The puppies are born with a lighter rust color that gradually darkens as they get older. They sometimes have a special small patch of white on the back of the neck called a “Swiss kiss,” though it usually disappears when the puppy’s coat changes.

Another marking that is interesting and found on both puppies and fully-grown Berners is the white cross formation on their chests. This is called a “Swiss cross” because it resembles the banner of Switzerland.

Berners are usually 23–27 inches in height and weigh 70-130 pounds. They are very sweet in nature, affectionate to children, and very loyal to their families. Berners are extremely intelligent, quite trainable, and, most importantly, patient and loving to their owners and other dogs.

Photos © by Jeannie Harrison